1965 RB-250 (FON 366496) – Replaced Rim
1965 RB-250 (FON 366496) – Replaced Rim

1965 RB-250 (FON 366496) – Replaced Rim


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1965 Gibson RB-250 5-string banjo (FON 366496).  Rim according to photos shows replacement with a prewar rim 9442-8 which would put it to 1929 and the beginning of one piece flange banjos.  It is unclear if the Mastertone label could be bona fide.  9441-1 on Greg Earnest’s site was a GB3, so this could be from a model 3 Mastertone.  The tone ring is a no-hole ring.  I personally get a bit anxious wondering if the ring could be a no-hole prewar ring added to this banjo, but most likely that isn’t the case.

Here is the Reverb listing:

GIBSON RB-250 VINTAGE 1960’s MASTERTONE BOWTIE BANJO Hi and thanks for looking.This is a very nice old banjo that has been played but not abused.There are NO cracks or breaks.The neck is straight and the jumbo frets are typical of the era.Plenty of honest player’s wear but not abused.The tuners are changed out to more traditional banjo pegs and a 5th string capo has been added.There are 2 coordinator rods.The tone ring is a no hole model.The banjo has a serial number beginning with a 3 on the back of the head.Please,see all pictures and enlarge.The rim has the Gibson label,a factory order number and is stamped pat applied for.This one has been playing bluegrass for the 25 years that I have known it.It is ready to go with medium strings and a vintage tone.It includes the original hard case.

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RB Regular Banjo



Tone Ring

Has a no-hole flathead added after


one piece


This banjo–even though the ad doesn't note it–has a replaced rim. The rim in it is a 1929 prewar Gibson rim, most likely from a style 3. It also has a no-hole flathead ring, unsure if may be prewar itself (though unlikely).