Bowtie Banjo


Please consider submitting your vintage Gibson bowtie banjo to the database. Conversions of style 100 banjos should not be submitted. However, if you have a 150 or 250 conversion to 5-string, your banjo is definitely welcome.

When sending your banjo-including lots of great photos!-please include the following:

  • Factory Order Number (FON) or serial number. In general for 40’s/50’s banjos, you will find this on the rim; for 60’s banjos, you’ll find on the back of the headstock. Again this is a generalization, but is often true.
  • Any interesting history you know of the banjo.
  • Any modifications, custom options from Gibson, etc. Any unique things about your banjo.
  • Info on tone ring.
  • Anything else you’d like to share.
  • Your name, if you’d like that included in the information.

You can email with all your stuff.

Please feel free to reach out at that email address if you have questions or concerns.

—Jim Richter