1969 RB-250 (FON 911079) Transitional Model
1969 RB-250 (FON 911079) Transitional Model

1969 RB-250 (FON 911079) Transitional Model


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1969 Gibson RB-250 banjo with FON 911079.  Transitional model with fiddle cut headstock, bowtie inlays, and one piece flange.  From advertisement:

I have a more rare configuration 1969 Gibson RB-250 Bowtie serial #911079 for Sale or Trade. original parts except:
-Presto Tailpiece
-Upgraded 3 Ply Rim, I don’t know the maker but high quality rim for sure. There is a serial # on the rim but I have no idea what it came from. This era had a thin multiply rim, this is by far a better rim.
Original 20 hole tone ring, chrome hardware and Dohler marked One piece flange. For what ever reason a hole was drilled on tailpiece side of the ring and the hole was enlarged at the neck lag bolt area. Both do not affect anything and can only be seen when the neck is off. The ring has a slip fit to the rim. New Diaddario strings, Sosbee 5/8 bridge,spiked at 7,8 and 9th frets. It had a sliding capo at one time but the holes were filled. The frets are in good shape,

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RB Regular Banjo


Fiddle Cut


One piece flange

Of Note:

Transitional period. Fiddle cut headstock but with bowtie inlays and one piece flange